Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Kentucky Bluegrassroots

Kentucky's Vote to replace Rep. Fletcher may signal the nation's mood, and the mood of the South. In a region whose strength of support for Bush is key to his chances for re-election, the contest between Democrat Ben Chendler, the state's former Attorney General, and State Senator Alice Kerr is a bellweather for November.

Right now, with 98 percent of districts reporting the results are:

Chandler (D): 54.6
Kerr (R): 43.6

Chandler is kicking Kerr around the district. Of course, Kerr is a talentless hack who brings nothing to the office except a blind obeidience to the GOP leadership. As such, she is a perfect reflection of support for Bush. Even dyed in the wool Republicans see voting for Kerr as more of a mandate for Bush and his policies, than a vote for a person of independent judgment. Of course, in the estimation of the current crop of GOP leaders, such as Tom DeLay, whose fundraising organization is being investigated for violations of Federal law, the more blindly loyal, empty vessel, a tool is sent to the Hill by voters, the better. Apparently, voters feel differently. The election of Chandler, who recieved extensive support from the grassroots with internet money and feet on the street, is a signal that Southern voters, too, are looking past the Southern Strategy to their own self interest and the interests of the Nation.


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