Sunday, February 15, 2004

Impeaches and Cream

Over 383,000 have signed a petition to impeach Bush. They are selling Bumper stickers, t-shirts, and signs bearing the url But can it work? Could impeachment actually be used to remove Bush? No. The GOP's hold on Congress is too tight, and many of those in Congress owe their political viability to Bush. Impeachment is still just a political tool, not a judicial one, and the President is immune to criminal judicial process while in office. None-the-less, you will find my name on that petition; I've been wrong before.

There very well may be a factual basis upon which to impeach Bush, but it will never happen so long as the GOP retains control of Congress. The Democrats may have been gullible enough for several to vote for impeachment, but the GOP are nothing if not loyal to their own. More than one can say about some Dems, who are more than happy to eat their own fallen.

Impeachment of Bush is a pipe dream. Voting him out and putting a Democrat in is the only way to end the national nightmare of the Second Bush Regime. I certainly hope we've learned our lesson this time. No more damned Bushes in politics! The atomsphere of aristocracy in American politics is thick enough already. These days unless you can boast a relative who held the post before you, you can hardly get people to take your candidacy seriously. Well, it's hyperbole, but know know very well the number of sons and daughters who follow their parents into politics. It is nearly as bad a Hollywood, were instead of a screen test, these days they just give you a DNA test at your call back. Considering that both professions are really about name recognition more than talent, I don't suppose the similarities should be surprising.

I generally do not hold with judging a person by their family, but in the Bushes' case, thrice bitten, time to get out the repellant. Pappy, W, and J.E.B. What more evidence do you want that this family is a gaggle of souless opportunists, feeding off the worst tendencies of the American political economy?

The project couldn't be done justice yet, but someday, when these three stooges have gone to their overdue, and richly deserved, rewards, and their records are all unsealed, archivist film-makers will make a feature about how two generations of psychopaths took the reigns of power in America. And we'll all heave a sigh of relief that, except for 537 of us, and counting, we all survived it.


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