Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Birmingham Post-Herald: Deep in the heart of the 'Solid South' questions remain

Release of Bush records doesn't silence skeptics who feel that Bush shorted his duty to the Guard. Plenty of veterans and southerners are left with the foul tang of hypocrisy after a taste of what the White House is shoveling. It is clear that the records released still have problems.

Conflicts like the Oct. 27-29th weekend; a time period just a week out from the election on which he was assistant manager. It makes no sense at all that Bush would take time of the campaign at such a critical juncture to train with the guard. It flies in the face of common sense- a sure sign of a fabrication. One thing is for sure, this issue is only going to be resolved by testimonial evidence from neutral eyewitnesses. Without that, the issue will continue to dog Bush through the entire election - and it's about time, considering how easily he dodged it last time.

I just have to say, "Thanks Michael Moore and Peter Jennings!"


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