Sunday, February 08, 2004

America as a One-Party State

America as a One-Party State. Robert Kuttner. For any Deaniacs out there who are feeling that perhaps you should stay home rather than vote for anyone but Dean, you MUST read this article.

I hope Dean is able to jump-start the electorate in MI and sweep up most of the Super Tuesday delegates. But if that doesn't happen, Kuttner's clear exposition of the stakes should give you pause, lest you do anything stupid, like voting for Nader, or sitting out election day, or letting anyone you know sit out election day.

This is the most imporant election in nearly a century, certainly the most important of our lives so far. I would vote for a syphillitic chimp in preference to Bush... hmmm, perhaps there isn't enough contrast in that example... I would vote for a plucked parrot addled by glossolalia in preference to Bush... wait, this is harder than one would think... I would vote for a pimple on the ass of a mad-cow addled milk cow... aw heck, you get the idea. No matter what happens to Dean, the idiot prince must be deposed.

Keep your eyes on the prize: a future without that hateful pretender babbling out of the idiot box at you while he actively works to destroy your country, your future, and that of your progeny. Focus, and hold fast to your fellow Dean supporters and to Dean. We will be every bit as powerful if Dean drops out of the race as we were with Dean in the race. Dean won't disappear in a puff in smoke. He will not be lost to us; we will all simply be freed of the constraints of running for President.

We will still be Dean supporters, but his purpose, and ours, will cease to be Dean's election, becoming instead to help elect an acceptable President, and to eradicate a terrible one, as well as the Wrong Wing-nuts that have infested our government.

Imagine a tag team address to the nation by Dean and Gore on the danger that this Adminstration poses to our democracy on an hour of prime time paid for with our donations. Now imagine such an event every week until the general election. Imagine the cast growing to include the most respected public figures from across the political spectrum who see that the course Bush, Cheney, Rove, and DeLay have set leads to ruin. Imagine an army of DFA financed candidates crashing against those 'safe' gerrymandered districts and pulling the corrupt and the complicit out of their seats by the scruffs of their necks. Imagine how our voices will grow and our ranks will swell as we become the conscience and the backbone of the party, and of America. Imagine how Dean's undistorted message of hope and rebirth builds into a mantra against fear, eminating from every throat, from every corner of our nation.

We will win. We will take America back. If you give up on the Dean campaign, you are not giving up on a failed candidate, you are giving up on yourself. Even in defeat, we can be victorious. You just gotta believe! Dean does not have to become President for us to succeed. As he has so often said, this campaign is not about him - it's about us. Realizing our power as citizens. Coming together to save our nation. Overcoming every obstacle, even the loss of the nomination. We only change our fate by taking responsibility for it. Come on people, let's take back America!


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