Sunday, January 25, 2004

SWVE and the Comeback Bat

Southwest Victory Express is back! Our friends from all over the southwest have come to AZ and NM to help us in this critical weekend to contact as many voters for Dean as possible. The campaign is gearing up for the final push into the Primary on Feb 3rd.

The bat is back with a million dollar goal. That's a bunt for Dean supporters! Let's knock that bad-boy over the fence and give the Media something to think about. Please, dig out your wallet and click on the real thing in the right-hand column now! Part of demonstrating Dean's continued viability, and building up the courage of voters to vote for a real change in America, is demonstrating the we can go the distance and stand toe to toe with the corporate financed candidates.

It took John Kerry 5 days to raise a million this past week. That with all the mo that an upset victory in IA brought him. We can beat that.

Clark has had his bling-bling choo-choo to NH up for an embarrassing long time, and its scheduled to pull in on the 29th carrying a cool two million. Let's beat it into the station!

To get involved in this weekend AND next week's festivities, when SWVE is returning once again, contact your local Dean headquarters for details. There will be neighborhood walks, dialing parties, and a big rally with Rep. Grijalva of AZ and Rep. Menendez of NJ followed by a major fundraiser reception this Sunday. Next week there will again be major canvassing across the State in conjunction with SWVE and Super Bowl house parties on the 1st.

Come out and make some memories and meet some new friends. You will want the contacts come Super Tuesday should you decide to travel to one of the SWVEers states to lend a hand.

I circulated instructions for voice blogging by phone to the SWVE volunteers. Hopefully some of them will call in and share their stories, impressions, and interviews here soon. You will then be able to download audio clips recorded by SWVE adventurers from this blog. Stay tuned!


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