Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Dean Replaces Joe Trippi

Dean Replaces Campaign Manager Joe Trippi following 2nd and 3rd place showings in NH and IA. In an attempt to shake up the campaign, Dean has brought in Roy Neel, long-time associate of Al Gore, Chief of Staff to Al Gore from 1993-1995, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Communications to President Bill Clinton, who left that Administration to become President of the U.S. Telecom Association.

We here in Arizona would like to give a shout out to our man Joe Trippi. You did a hell of a hard job, and you did it well. Every signle one of us was impressed by your dedication and creativity, and grateful for how you helped us put our unknown dark horse candidate at the head of the herd. Best of luck to you, and see you in the White House. You are are the Jedi master of the new American politics.

Neel brings powerful contacts on K Street, the telecommunications industry and thoughout Gore's network of supporters. Neel, an expert on Presidential transitions and adjunct professor at Vanderbuilt, has been with the Dean campaign as a senior advisor since early January.

Expect Neel to establish a clear chain of command to centralize creation of Dean's message. Neel holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard and specializes in staff management issues. It seems clear from the choice that Dean feels that his performance in the the early primaries is due, at least in part, to poor organizational preparation. Dean has apparently decided that much deeper and more reliable campaign organization is desirable.


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