Monday, January 26, 2004

Bones v. Bones?

The Secret Society that unites John Kerry and President Bush is Yale's own Skull and Bones. Many have commented, and even attacked Dean for his background's similarities to that of G.W. Bush. But those similarities are accidents of birth and choices made for him. Their Yale connection, which isn't really surprising, is the only voluntary similarity between them. But Kerry attended Yale too, and voluntarily became a member of the very same society that attracted the loyalty of young W.

Does this connection between Kerry and Bush have any real significance? Skull and Bones is a secret society, and Kerry won't, or can't, comment on the reasons he joined, the purpose of the society, or how he feels about running against a fellow Bonesman. We do know that the society's purpose is certainly not to help others; the society does no philathropic work and does not endow charity. Its only discernable purpose is assisting the advancement, and enhancing the personal power of the members. Bonesmen pervade Bush's Administration; one of the obligations of a Bonesman is aid the advancement of others. Bonesmen are found throughout the world of finance, government, the media, and the intelligence community, which is a very handy network of loyal contacts to have.

If Kerry were to win the nomination, it would be the first Bones vs. Bones Presidential election ever. One wonders what might happen. We know from the few people that have been able to penetrate some of the secrets of the Bones that personal loyalty between the members is of paramount value. Could it be possible that Kerry has a... mission?

What if Kerry's enormous last minute surge, due to an odd, press-assisted, last-minute surge in IA and the media's deliberate obsession with an excited utterance of Dean's, enables Kerry to take the nomination? Wouldn't that be a great source of satisfaction to the many other Bonesmen who are in a position to have assisted and to profit from the status quo?

What if in a rush to select the person who seems most 'electable' against Bush, Democratic voters chose the one Democrat who doesn't really have much incentive to beat him? What are the odds that of the estimated 800 living Skull and Bones members, of which much less than half are of the correct age to become president, that two of them would end up facing each other as the nominees of BOTH parties? The situation certainly would be of comfort to me, were I a member of the class from which the Bones draws its members.

And how well do voters really know Kerry? Perhaps there's a good reason he was bottom feeding in every state and had to remortgage his home to stay in the race? The voters who had known him best and longest had rejected him. It seems a pattern with Kerry: early support, people get to know him and fall away, late in the race he surges on a tide of media and wins. I wonder who he calls on to get that last minute surge, when image can be everything, and there is no time for the burnout and buyers remorse he inspires over the long haul. The Presidential election is long haul.

There are many opinions, which Kerry has shared publicly in the past, which do not square with his currently espoused views, and that many potential Democratic supporters might find distasteful. Have people really taken the time to learn his record in the Senate, the positions he has taken and views he has espoused? Do people know of his record of smear campaign tactics, of the push polling of the lowest sort in IA, which the press has ignored? Push polling suggesting that Dean beats his wife, and that she is "a Jew"; not "Jewish", "a Jew."

With the months Dean spent at the head of the pack, there was time for the press and other candidates to ferret out Dean's every pimple. The worst they could dig out complete failed to knock him off stride. What will the press find about Kerry over the ensuing months until the General election? One could really be buying a pig in a poke. If the NYT can find such disturbing things about Kerry with what was likely just a casual search of their own database, what will 200 million dollars of oppo work find? Affairs? Inexplicable patterns of voting that oddly coincide with the interests of his corporate donors? Who knows? But one thing we can be sure it will not dredge up is the secret rites, oaths, and loyalties owed by Mr. Kerry to the Skull and Bones.


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