Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Why Dean Can and Will Win in '04

Why Dean is the ONLY candidate that can beat Bush...

I have been reading The Gov. has issued a statement regarding the underhanded tactics used by our Republican congress to pass school vouchers while they KNEW that two votes from the opposition, plus the entire Congressional Black Caucus were scheduled to be out of town for the debate.

I decided to read some of the comments to Dr. Dean's statements. Here is one that sums up why Dean can win and why the naysayers should think carefully before they say he is "too liberal"

Copy/Pasted text from

"I can't believe I used to vote Republican. I feel so dirty. Although at the time they seemed (and were) honorable men and women. No longer. I am voting for Dean in the general election because I want to save the GOP from itself. No one else has the backbone to stand up to the ultra-right. If they lose, and lose big time, the GOP will hopefully choose to follow a different course. One which will make me proud to come from a GOP family once again. I don't agree with Dean on a lot of issues... But I am sick and tired of watching the ultra-right wingers hijack our political system and pollute our national dialogue with such bitterness.
Posted by a at September 10, 2003 01:35 PM"


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