Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Tucson Blues Festival Booth

There's currently a tremendous opportunity to have a Dean for AZ booth at the Tucson Blues Featival in Reid Park on Sunday, October 19. This free annual event attracts hundreds, maybe over a thousand, Tucsonians, including college students and members of the general public of all ages. But the rental is not inexpensive. A space, through the Tucson Blues Society, is $220 for the day, and does not include a tent (they are checking on that for me), or the tables and chairs we would need. I personally will pledge fifty bucks toward this effort, and I hope others will step up and share the cost in the form of in-kind donations to Howard Dean's campaign.Howard Dean is the only candidate in the race who can actually play the Blues, as he did at the Iowa State Fair. Every group under the Tucson Dean umbrella could share this booth, and get our candidate's message out to a large, diverse audience.

Jim Nelson (


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