Thursday, September 18, 2003

Sometimes it's just downright embarassing...

Having the Bush Administration in power is not just harmful to nearly every aspect of our national life, it's damaging to one's intellect and self-esteem, and perilous to one's sense of reality.

Suddenly, everyone in the world thinks that if you're an American, you must be an idiot. It's humiliating; mostly because I can see why people think that. The credibility American's are giving people who are flat out liars, or full-stop stupid, or worse, stupid liars, makes me suspect sometimes that I'm just too stupid too to accept the newspeak maxim- the truth is a lie. The utterly unhinged clap-trap flowing unendingly from our government is getting so deep that even other parts of the government, those less political and more professional, are fed the hell up and have simply taken to calling a spade a spade, stating simply that the Administration is a bunch of dangerous lying Yahoos.

Take today's GAO report on the the state of the budget deficit, as an examiple. It basically calls the President a stinking liar whose policies are sucking us down a fiscal rat hole into third-world nation status. I can't recall a time when a professional staff has been more openly contempuous of the policies of a political branch.

Meanwhile, our 'leaders', or more accurately, our 'misleaders' can't even get on the same page about their whopping lies. Dick Cheney is still selling his particularly noxious brand of condescension and obsfucation: telling the nation 3 things which he knows to be untrue in a single breath. He, Rumsfeld and Bush just can't seem to keep their lies straight; Rumfeld is now admitting there's no connection between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein and so is Bush. Yet, Cheney apparently didn't get that memo. Someone needs to tell him that the government is telling a different pack of lies this week.

The Administration as good as admits by their unrepentant and blatantly contradictory behavior, that they are low-class scumbuckets who lied to everyone, including Congress, and they don't particularly care who knows it. So why haven't we pulled them off their thrones and drowned them in the gutter as they deserve? Aversion to reality? Ignore them and they'll go away? Democracy is only good once every four years? I don't know.

I do know that Thomas Friedman, the NYT columnist, has finally gone over the edge due to his sactimonious whoring for the Bush Administration. He now claims we're at war with France. In combination with Andrew Sullivan's celebrated swan dive off the deep end of reality over this war, the evidence is in that even the formerly even-tempered and reasonable among us is in danger of being sucked under by the swamp of lies which this Administration has plunged us into. Are there no depths, save lying about blow-jobs, that the American people, or specifically their jaded and wholly owned representatives, won't stand for? Is there no way to abort this Administration before it does more harm via neglect of the vital and obsession with the utterly non-sensical? Do we have to find someone to go down on W? Besides G. Gordon Liddy or Sean Hannity, that is...

I really don't know where I'm going with this post: nowhere specific, I suspect. Perhaps just a plea for damn sanity? And if I can't have that, how about some delusions of my own choosing? Can we please invoke that wise and sensible law of childhood, and call a do-over of this utterly stupid millenium?


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