Friday, September 05, 2003

More from the Mouth of Tom Delay

Today on CNN Mr. Delay was told that his attacks on Howard Dean are welcomed by the Dean campaign because Delay's comments rally Dean's Base and cause people to further aid Dean's campaign. Delay replied by saying that Dean's base is small and insignificant. He also said that Dean has an unfit temper to be President. He went on to say that Bush is calm and even handed while all Dean does is yell and criticize the President.

Delay is delusional! Mr Bush has decimated 3 countries (USA, Afghanistan, & Iraq) in about 2.5 years; How could any-body think that he is remotely even handed.

I hope Delay and his friends continue to underestimate the growing number of people who support Dean, it'll make regime change so much easier. If Delay's attacks on Dean cause a surge of contributions to Dean, I wonder what his dismissal of Dean's supporters will do.


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