Sunday, September 14, 2003

Dean Attacked by Dems For Biased Foreign Policy

From Dean Defense Listserve:

I'm sure by now you've all heard of the letter signed by Congressional supporters of a certain other candidate attacking Howard Dean for his stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. We need you to do several things:

1) We've included a list below of all the relevant Representatives, where they are from, and how to contact them. Use it. Especially contact any Reps from your home state. If none are from your home state, contact Nancy Pelosi. For a Democratic leader to make such a statement about a
Presidential candidate is, well, unacceptable in my mind. (NOTE: Nancy Pelosi and Dean have subsequently kissed and made up. Pelosi now says there is essential agreement between herself and Dean on the US role in Middle East peace)

2) Pass this message on to friends and other Dean supporters. We need to let these Representatives know that we, their supporters at the grassroots, don't appreciate their uncalled for attacks. There's hundreds of us on this listserv. We need thousands.

3) Keep the pressure on. Ask for an apology. These are attacks motivated by pure politics.

The letter from the Representatives can be found at:

The Berman Letter

These are the names, districts, and contact URLs for the Representatives. Where only the main page is provided, scroll to the bottom of their webpage to find contact info:

That's them folks. Get this list out there please.

Something to keep in mind, even as you're writing your own letters, is that
what these people are expressing outrage is the idea that the US should be a
fair negotiator in peace talks. Attacking fair mediation is not only
ridiculous, it's harmful to the Middle East Peace Process. If one side
doesn't trust us, no one can walk away a winner. To that extent, those who
would demand a biased negotiator are, in effect, demanding more violence in
the future.


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