Thursday, September 11, 2003

Blues Festival Booth Donations

Here is what I have been told by Barbara Tell an regarding donations to pay for the space at the Blues Festival. The people wishing to donate should make their checks directly to the Tucson Blues Society, the sponsor of the festival, and the group that rents the spaces. The $220 they charge includes all city permits. I will be having a meeting of my Dean environmental group at the NW Neighborhood Center in room 112, on Wednesday Sept 17, at 6:30 PM. Checks could be brought there, or if you wish to mail them, E-mail me or call me and I'll give you my address. Barbara tells me that we have to record the information from all checks and report them as in-kind contributions to the Dean campaign. Then they would be mailed to the Tucson Blues Society. I appreciate the response, and as of now, with my $50, we have $175 of the $220. I expect to ask members of my group to pitch in, and I will make up whatever difference we lack as of next Wednesday. You may also E-mail Barbara at if you want clarification of the in-kind donation procedure, or if you just have questions for her. My E-mail again is, like all AOL customers, I am experiencing some problems with E-mail due to the recent Blaster Worm. So, if you prefer to call, my phone is 292-0693. Call or E-mail before you write your check, to be sure it is still needed. Thanks.

Jim Nelson


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