Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Blues Festival Again

I am beginning to sound like a broken record (a broken B.B. King record?), but we currently have $175 pledged toward the $220 rental of a space at the Tucson Blues Festival. This is tough for me, since I was an English major, but I think that leaves us $45 short. I am going to beg at my environmental group's meeting tomorrow night at the NWNC, but I thought it couldn't hurt to put the plea here again as well. So, if you haven't pledged, and can spare a bit of cash (even ten or twenty bucks), you could help us reach this large, diverse (captive?) audience. For those unfamiliar with the Blues Festival, it is a free event sponsored by the nonprofit Tucson Blues Society. I don't know who the headliners are this year, but there are usually a number of fine performers throughout the day. It takes place on Sunday, October 19, this year, in Reid Park. It starts at 11AM (traditionally with a performance by students in the Tucson High School Blues Band), and is usually over by 7 PM. If you can contribute, contact me at 292-0693, or by E-mail at Jennel2@aol.com. Thanks.

Jim Nelson


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