Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Poll Watch- Dean takes commanding lead in NH!

The latest Presidential Zogby Poll on the NH primary is showing Dean zooming far out ahead of all competitors. Dean polled at 38%, more than double his nearest competitor, Kerry, at 17%. All other candidates were in single digits.

Lieberman, Gephardt, and Edwards are in a seond tier of 4-6% with all others polling at 1% or less. The exception being Clarke; Waiting Wesley pulled 2%, half of what he is claimed to be polling nationally on name recognition alone.

On this news, Dean's NH win stock on Tradesport zoomed several points and is being closely held on expectation of further growth.

It looks like the dam has broken and many Kerry and Gephardt supporters, as well as independents, have decided to join the Dean camp and back a winner. Once Dean pulls out a major win in NH the pull from the other campaigns can be expected to accelerate.


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