Friday, August 01, 2003

Dean's in the Heart of Texas!

Deaniacs across the nation stepped up to the plate and took the bat to the Bush-Cheney fund-raising machine. In response to the Dean Campaign's grassroots fund-raising challenge, citizens raised $508,000 in just 4 days! That's more than double the goal of Cheney's high-powered $2000.00-a-head function for fat-cats. These funds are being used to place ads in Bush's backyard - Texas! As well, the campaign is opening a toll-free number to help organize those without access to the internet. The number is 1-866-Dean4USA.

Citizens have proven that they can trounce the corporate shills at doling out the dollars. Come next November, we're going to do someting no corporation, no matter how wealthy, can even hope to do; go to the polls and elect our candidate!

Show your support for Dean, and increase his name recognition, by placing a home-made poster on your home or vehicle. The Dean Team is working on a project, one million posters across America to place a million signs in windows and windscreens across America. There is a poster for each state, or you can customize your own.

I should explain the new links you see on the right hand sidebar for "Primary Futures". A sport betting company on the web has developed a futures market for political outcomes, much like the ill-advised DARPA project which was recently aboandoned. The power of such predictive models is that, like other free markets, they tend to incorporate all known information on a subject, as well as people's attitudes and expectations into bid prices. They are subject to manipulation, but only at a heavy cost, because these markets use real money, rather than notional or virtual money as their medium of exchange. It should be interesting to see if the markets follow the polls, or predict them. If you recently inherited a bit of filthy lucre, maybe you should go put your money where your heart is, and buy Dean NH or IA futures now. When you double your money you can donate the proceeds to Dean's campaign.


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