Thursday, August 07, 2003

Bush's Biggest Hypocrisy

With the Bush Administration cutting social programs, medical, educational, and retirement benefits for our citizens in the uniformed services, it is incumbent upon us to take up the very considerable slack. Real patriots love the soldier, not the war; love and respect the nation, not the government that's currently steering us for a cliff like an alchoholic hick on bender with a deathwish. Give what you can, even if it's only a little.

"The Arizona National Guard Family Assistance Fund has been established to provide emergency financial assistance to Arizona Reserve Component military families, in the form of loans or grants, to soldiers and airmen and/or their dependents with a valid need."
The Family Assistance Fund can help with rent and mortgage payments, food and utilities, vehicle repair, emergency travel, funeral expenses and medical expenses as well as other personal needs. The biggest challenge to deployed personnel is the difference in pay between a civilian salary and military pay. In many cases the pay difference can be substantial.
The Arizona National Guard Family Assistance Fund is a 501C (3). Donations to the fund are tax exempt. Questions regarding the Family Assistance Fund can be directed to 602-267-2732 or 602-267-2730. Checks should be made out to the Arizona National Guard Family Assistance Fund and can be mailed to:

Arizona National Guard Family Assistance Fund
5636 E. McDowell Road
Phoenix AZ 85008

The primary source of funds are from voluntary contributions from Arizona National Guard members, DEMA civilian state employees, and other private and corporate cash donations.
As of today, approximately 3,000 Reserve component military members have been ordered to federal active duty in support of Operation’s Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom.


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