Thursday, July 31, 2003

The result of one way communication

A friend recently pointed out to me that Lieberman's website has no way to communicate. There is no blog with comments, there is no email form, no phone numbers, nothing. It makes me think there is a connection between this lack of dialogue in the Lieberman campaign and the latest news about his Tucson meetup.

Just today it was announced that the Lieberman meetup in Tucson had been cancelled because they had not reached the minimum of five participants. Is it ironic, or just pitiable, that two of the Dean volunteers both knew of the cancellation? You see, only those signed up for the meetup are notified that it is cancelled...

Unfortunately, less than 5 people voted on a venue, so the
Tucson, AZ Lieberman in 2004 Meetup is cancelled this month.

Meetup is growing very fast, so please be patient while more
Lieberman Supporters around Tucson, AZ (and everywhere) discover
National Lieberman in 2004 Meetup"

A self organizing campaign, a viral campaign if you like, can't happen unless the people are enpowered to speak and act on their own. Lieberman doesn't seem to get that. You can drape the trappings of inclusion over a traditional top-down campaign, but the trappings won't hide what lies beneath.


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