Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Below is the text of a letter I sent to the Athens (Ohio) News. They published it on July 17, 2003...

Editor, The Athens News-

Sixteen years ago, I was elected to the Athens City Council as a Republican at-large member. Three years ago, now living in Tucson, I switched my party affiliation to independent. The final straw was the hatchet job that George W. Bush and his cronies did on John McCain during the 2000 South Carolina primary, but my distaste with the GOP had been growing as the party lurched increasingly to the right and moderate voices were either shunted aside or shouted down.

On July 1st, I changed my registration to Democrat for the first time in my life. One person is responsible for this change-former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. Although I still find the national and Arizona Democratic Party leadership generally feckless and bereft of ideas, Dean's hybrid philosophy of fiscal prudence and social justice has excited and motivated me more than any candidate has in along time. Furthermore, he has a proven record during five terms as Vermont governor that contrasts well with the failed policies of George W. Bush. Coupled with his fiery stump style and the ground swell of support for his campaign across this country, Dean is the best choice to be our next president.

Last Saturday, close to 2000 people turned out at a rally for Howard Dean in Tucson when only 250 had been predicted to attend by the local Democratic Party. I hope everyone in Southeastern Ohio will get as excited about this remarkable leader as we in Southern Arizona have become. As Dean says in almost every speech, it is within our power to take this country back.

Rex Scott


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