Friday, July 25, 2003

Dean is California Dreamin'

And the good news just keeps on getting better...

By Craig Columbus
"Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean turned  some heads yesterday when a new California poll showed Dr. Dean leading all his  rivals in the Golden State.

A poll released Tuesday by the nonpartisan  Field Research Institute indicated Dean at 16 percent, Kerry at 15 percent and  Lieberman 14 percent. Missouri Rep. Dick Gephardt lost ground from an April  poll, dropping from 12 percent to 7 percent in the latest data. The polling  continued to show a sizable "undecided" vote among California  Democrats.

The numbers are impressive for Dean since he has not spent  much money in California and still registers relatively low name identification  among voters. As media reports have pointed out, no Republican presidential  candidate has won California in a general election since 1988, and the state's  55 electoral votes are absolutely critical to any Democrats chances of capturing  the White House.

Closer to home, Dean's people are already plotting their  get-out-the-vote strategy. To vote in the presidential primary (Jan. 19 thru  Feb. 5), people must be registered as a Democrat by Monday, Jan. 5. Look for  Dean's Arizona brass to reach out to independent and "party-not-determined"  voters, asking them to switch their registration to Democrat to cast a vote for  Dean."


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