Saturday, July 12, 2003

Dean Brings The People Out ... And The Rain In

Wow! What a smashing success! The Rally must have brought out at least 1500 - 1800 people. I've heard serveral estimates of over 2000! There was a bit of a wait before the speakers really began, but people were so hungry for what Dean and the other speakers had to say, they willingly waited it out as the temperature in the room rose and the oxygen level plummeted. Finally, the room was opened out to its fullest extent and though still full to capacity, people were able to spread out a little bit and more were able to get all the way into the room.

Mary Judge Ryan warmed up the crowd, kept people informed about matters, and was her usual charming self. Finally, it was announced that Dean had arrived and the crowd went pretty nuts. As the furor died down a bit, future Mayor Tom Volgy stepped up to the mike and gave the crowd a short, but rousing speech. Then Phil Lopes, the State Representative, gave a very informative introduction, displaying an impressive command of Dr. Dean's record of achievement. Then Dean took the mike and the energy in the room really started to build. As he moved through his speech you could feel the crowd moving with him. The sense of relief and joy was palpable; someone was finally saying the things that so many Americans are thinking, and what so many others badly need to hear. The hotel must have been shaking with the force of so many voices raised in defiance, in agreement, and in laughter as Dean's words lead the crowd through each emotion in turn. By the end, every person was left with the feeling that we can actually do it; we can actually take back our country from the vultures who have bullied their way into control.

Dean's tremendously successful visit is a portent greater successes yet to come. As soon as he passed out of town, the monsoons followed upon his heels, breaking fully through the stultifying heat and parching drought of early summer. Like the first deep breath after a long a terrifying dream, cool moist air rushed into our valley, easing anxieties and promising relief. And as the rain pounds down, my own eyes are moist with hope that there will indeed be an end to the senseless fires that have ravaged our cherished land.


At 2:34 AM, Anonymous Medicine said...

The hotel must have been shaking with the
force of so many voices raised in defiance.


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