Thursday, July 31, 2003

Bush to Visit Tucson!

On July 12, Tucson (and the rest of Arizona) gave Howard Dean a warm southwest welcome (and I am not talking about 111 degree heat). On August 11, George W. Bush is expected to visit Tucson. I think that we should give him the cold reception he deserves!

I am working on organizing a rally for that day to show George Bush what Tucson thinks of his policies and his administration.

This is your chance to get out and be heard. I am encouraging everyone to show up with a friend or ten and a sign or ten that shows what you are unhappy about. Topics include (I know, the list is long) the war, the patriot act, the environment, taxes, job losses, gay marriage...whatever your issue is...put it on a sign and bring it to this rally.

Watch this blog and around town for a venue announcement!! Anyone who wishes to volunteer, please email me at



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