Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Democratic Meetup

The DNC announces:

“On March 24, the Democratic Party is hosting a special Unity Meetup to celebrate Democratic unity as we move forward toward our goal of beating George W. Bush and the Republicans in November.

“Join your fellow Democrats from more than 250 cities and various Democratic presidential campaign Meetups as we stand together behind our nominee with our eyes fixed firmly on the White House!”

Well, okay. Maybe…But what exactly does the DNC mean by “Unity?” I certainly plan to vote for our candidate. If that’s all they mean by “unity,” then I’m in. I’m a precinct committeeman, so I’ll certainly fulfill my obligation to that job.

But I’m a Dean, Kucinich, Nader progressive so my sense of “unity” does not include swallowing DNC centrism whole. I’m willing to “unify” with the party, but I would like to see some evidence that the party establishment is willing to “unify” with me…on issues of policy and platform.

I want some evidence that after we elect Kerry the whole game won’t just drift back to the same old routine of cozy accommodation to the way things have been…a too comfortable relation with corporate America, and a failure to fulfill a role as rigorous critic of Republican conservatism.

Therefore, as a first step toward “unity,” I propose that every Meetup write a one paragraph statement of what they believe the policies and positions of the Democratic Party should be. Take one issue the party should address, or a policy the candidate should actively support, and post it to the Open Thread on the DNC blog. Send a copy to Terry McAuliffe.

The blog URL: http://www.democrats.org/blog/


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