Friday, February 20, 2004

The Assassination of Howard Dean

A February 18th story at tells it all, and one paragraph sums it up:

“The pundits claim Dean's "rage" undid him, that voters took a "second look," etc. etc. Nonsense really. The answer is much simpler. Howard Dean was assassinated in broad daylight. Unlike Kennedy's "grassy knoll," Dean's killers are not hiding – it was the Democratic Party itself, and more specifically the DLC, that successfully went after, and sabotaged his candidacy.”

Why? What was it that so threatened the establishment of the Democratic Party?

“In the end, Dean threatened a troika of powerful institutions. He was a threat to the political parties (because he attacked Democrats' centrist drift), to media (because he criticized their cowardly reporting) and to big business (because he would roll back chummy tax-benefits for corporations). All three institutions responded with venom and destroyed Dean's candidacy. In 1968, a sniper's bullet ended Robert Kennedy's anti-establishment candidacy. In 2004, the methods used were more subtle, but just as effective. “

I find I still harbor a simmering fury at the past failures of “my” party that the Kerry candidacy does not cool…but I will vote for him and pray that the emerging activism of the Dean campaign will continue.

There are still primary elections and Howard Dean is still on the ballot. I urge all Dean supporters to vote for Dean in those elections, and continue to gather delegate strength so that we have some voice at the national convention

Read the whole article.

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