Wednesday, September 03, 2003

A Site For Political Junkies

Forgive me if I have inadvertently reposted this here. But I think this site is too useful for day-to-day political work to be forgotten.

A friend of mine is a political professional. She has worked in seven states and in at least that many Democratic political campaigns. She's a sort of political gypsy; a political soldier of fortune who goes where organizing and action are called for. She has suggested a source for solid political reporting that, she assures me, is prized by political pros. Best of all it's free.

It was a surprise to me that it was buried in a major network news site: It is on the site's political page and is simply called "The Note." It is a remarkably detailed summary of political news stories, as well as a kind of 'day book' that tells what candidates are doing each day, along with other politically significant events. We don't usually think of network news as more than sound bites and video clips, but there is a lot of good stuff there. Especially if you are currently working or volunteering for a favorite candidate you might want to take a look at it.

Dean news from today's Note:

"ABC News Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder says that on September 23, one of the most powerful local labor leaders in the country will host a fundraiser for Gov. Dean in New York City. A rep for SEIU 1199's Dennis Rivera says it's not a personal endorsement - and certainly not an indication of an impending SEIU endorsement. But to our knowledge, Rivera hasn't hosted a fundraiser for a presidential candidate this cycle. And a number of Dean campaign events in New York City have been held at 1199's headquarters. So you make the call."

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