Thursday, September 04, 2003

Meet-Up Report: Northwest Area

Due to the continued success of the Dean campaign, this month we had 3 meet-ups in the Tucson area. Ann Jensen and I hosted the one at the YMCA at Ina and Shannon. We had around 50 people. Large Pinal county contingent. Judy Lavendar, the Arizona state coordinator came and spoke to us a bit too and that also added to the atmosphere. It was great when we broke into small groups and talked to each other this time. Many people needed to decompress. I liked the smaller size. As always, Rex spoke wonderfully and was an asset.

I met some really impressive people. Ann, Rex and I spoke to them about what brought us to Dean. We three have arrived at this point by very different roads. This speaks to Howard Dean's ability to galvanize a whole range of people. A true uniter.


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