Thursday, August 14, 2003


I think Mohur has a great idea, one of those sound bytes, catch phrases, rallying cries that can truly help a political campaign.

"The only thing George Bush fears is a lack of Fear itself."

It should be hand printed on Dean signs at events where TV cameras are rolling.

In today's NY Times a Kentucky gubernatorial candidate is tying up his Republican opponent with great phrases we should see on signs in Arizona too:

"George Bush: The Job Terminator"
"Bush Republicans Leave No Job Behind"

And the Democrat there has researched the number of jobs lost in the state in the last 3 years: 50,000. Do we have a net loss in Arizona? Or at least a net loss in income for everyone below the top 20 percent of Arizona wage earners?


At 5:12 AM, Anonymous My Blog said...

The only thing George Bush fears is a lack of Fear itself.


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