Friday, August 01, 2003

Pima Activism

I was on the Southside last night at a meeting to hear the Bishop speak about voting and getting involved with politics. I expected a rant and rave about Gay Marriage and abortion, but niether were mentioned, though the media tried to frame the meeting as such. It was a meeting of the Pima County Interfaith Council, though mostly Catholic, the group wants to work together to make the city a more family friendly, and that means working together with labor unions on the issues they agree upon. One person tried to shout the Bishop down on Abortion, asking him to ban PCIC because they are not Pro-Life. The Bishop acknowledged him, but not his cause, which I admired. Though Pro-Life, the Bishop wants to get down what he can with others, before tearing things down for a Papal vendetta.

This should be a good group to get to know. They are progressive and were booing the idea of Bush coming to town. They also want to take back the city, because they helped to found Kidco and they want it back. For a moment last night, I thought I might have been in a time warp back to a time when churches were activist for their parisheners and congregants, trying to bring much needed social services and justice to them by whatever means. Perhaps this is a seed change within the Catholic Church. It's about time. The Catholic Church needs to put an end to its autocratic rule and get back to it's roots of administering to its members and not lecturing them. When they do, they will see a decline in abuse and a rise in respect. Abuses and defections come from outbursts against repressive restrictions, which goes along way to explain the decline in church membership and attendance and the increase in mistrust. Catholics in America and Europe stand the door demanding change from Rome, the way Iranians stand in the street demanding change from the Mullahs, and the world stand in Lafayette square demanding Bush to stop tending to the Knights of Kneet. Why won't they listen? Because Power corrupts and Ultimate Power corrupts Utilmately.

Well, i guess I finally made my beef with the Catholic Church, which led me to leave the institution, public. OR perhaps, I made public why the church left me and millions of others. If you can't give to Papal prominence, then you are irrelevant. Just as if you can't be a "Pioneer," you don't deserve a tax cut or government services.



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