Tuesday, July 15, 2003

What does W stand for?

laura's SPIN :: A History Lesson

Have you ever wondered where the "Walker" is from -- the Walker in George W. Bush? It turns out that it is a slave's name. The slave called Walker was owned by John James Holliday, who inherited Walker from his father Joseph. Who is John James Holliday? He is George W. Bush's ancestor. His daughter Nancy is W's great great grandmother. She lived until 1942 in St. Louis. Bush's father -- who also carried Walker's name -- turned 18 that very year.

All this comes from Terrell Dempsey, who writes a column on history for the Hannibal Courier-Post. Dempsey writes that "Joseph Holliday, like many Northeast Missourians in the years before the Civil War, kept most of his money in the two assets that were immune to the shaky banking system of the time. Land and Slaves. In 1850 he owned ten slaves. By 1860 his human wealth had grown to 16."

When George Walker Bush speaks about slave-masters, as he did this week in Senegal, and he says, (as he did) that "the spirit of their captors was corrupted. Small men took on the power and airs of tyrants," you don't have to go back very far in history to find that Bush knows whereof he speaks.

You can find Terrell Dempsey's "A common background: Presidents Bush, Mark Twain and the legacy of slavery" here:



At 12:08 AM, Anonymous Medicine said...

His daughter Nancy is W's great great grandmother.


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